Find Events Nearby You From Your Facebook Account

These days, so many events are going around us that you may not be aware of. Or maybe you are not able to find them(?)

It’s quite easy & simple! You just need to look into your Facebook account 😉

Follow the below steps:

then click on events and you’ll see below screen.

You can find these events by categories, too. Just scroll down below and you’ll see them.

You’ll only see events of the city which you’ve put it up on your facebook profile. If you’ve recently transferred to a new city then you have to update it on your profile so that you can find events nearby you.




If you want to find out events nearby you then open your FB profile and head over to events page.
you’ll easily find various kind of events happening around you. If you’ve transferred to a new city then you’ve to update your profile accordingly.
That’s all for now. 🙂


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    Thanks nice post.

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